Family History

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As the name already shows, the genus La Cour (Dornonville de la Cour) was originally French, but the father of the Danish line’s ancestor left France either after the abolition of the Nantic edict (1685) where he missed the freedom of faith which he as a huguenot needed, or because he had entered political relations that became dangerous for his civil security. There is yet another amount of La Cour’s in France, but despite several clashes it has never been possible to investigate, in what proportion they belonged to the Danish line.

What first name, Pierre’s father carried, is not known. It is only known that he was married to a Marie Fouzillac, who was of French origin like himself, even though her parents lived in Halle in present Germany. They were most likely emigrated for the same reason as Pierre’s father. A family myth will say that la Cour was a minister and lived on a larger agriculture close to Paris. When he suddenly saw this surrounded by soldiers, he fled with his young wife through the garden, put her on a donkey and escaped lucky with her to Mittelmarck-Brandenburg, where she soon gave birth to a son who became the ancestor of the Danish line. Here the family lived until time became less dangerous for them.

• Slægtens stamfader – Pierre la Cour

• Testimonium fra Pierre la Cours begravelse

• Pierre la Cours forpagtningskontrakt


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